Two Harbors

Those who live in the isolated port town of Two Harbors, Minnesota, still remember the strange downfall of Lila Maywood—a striking beauty who abandoned her family for Hollywood with dreams of becoming a movie star. Lila's disappearance has defined the life of her daughter, Casey, left with only an autographed, heart-shaped headshot of her mother. When a big-city stranger shows up in town, Casey reluctantly falls for him, only to have him desert her, too. This new abandonment brings Casey face-to-face with the legacy of her mother's past, and the possibility that her own future could follow the same course. Against her father's counsel, Casey journeys from Two Harbors to Hollywood, where she discovers a world of secret lives and shifting roles that holds revealing truths about those who left her behind. 

Cinematic and suspenseful, this is the electrifying story of a daughter learning the one act her mother never mastered: letting go. 

Pub date: October 3, 2005 (Harvest Originals / Harcourt, published under the name Kate Benson)

Praise for Two Harbors:

“Haunting, lush, and lyrical…. Weaving a sensitive psychological portrait with a powerful tale of pursuit, Benson writes with a poetic voice as passionate as it is precise.” — Booklist


“At once cinematic and particular, Benson’s novel of duplicity and mystery … expresses the longing for a safe harbor that all of us experience.” — Washington Post


“Wholly original. Kate Benson knows how to hold the reader in suspense.” — Judith Guest, author of Ordinary People


“This is the deepest, purest first novel of the year.” — Edmund White, author of A Boy’s Own Story